FITSHE Tuesday Juiceday month!

Read more about our exciting collaboration of this month, and see how you can get more energy out of your day!

Every week we invite our guests and locals to enjoy a freshly squeezed juice at our Tuesday Juiceday market! We want to help you achieve the best in your life and therefore we collaborated with FITSHE this month, by creating four energizing smoothies together!

Do you know FITSHE already? This women-friendly brand has a range of products to stimulate you to make the most out of your busy lifestyle. Think about vegan protein/energy bars and protein shakes which you can use in so many ways! All their products are 100% natural, gluten free and have no artificial additives. That’s what we like at PRESSROOM Amsterdam!

FITSHE has a thorough recipe guide with more than 20 different recipes how you can use their products, think about: smoothies, yogurt bowls and quick breakfast options. Moreover, the products of FITSHE can be used before, during or after your workout, or a combination of all!

In this edition of Tuesday Juiceday we created 4 different smoothies, all used with the four different flavors of FITSHE whey powder!

Who says comfort food is unhealthy? This smoothie with FITSHE vanilla whey and a pinch of cinnamon is not only nutritious for your body, but also for your mind!

Enjoy this delicious taste while you are providing your body with a stash of protein and antioxidants! The banana and avocado make this shake nice and creamy, which results in a energetic and fulfilled feeling. This is a shake to fall in love with!

Smooth, but also fresh! This fruity fluff is made with yogurt, forest fruit and FITSHE strawberry whey so therefore it is packed protein, fiber and antioxidants. The nuts and chocolate which are topped off on the fluff gives it a delicious crunchy bite.

With this heavenly smoothie, you can conquer the world! The spinach and FITSHE natural whey give you the strength to make the most out of your day. The banana and kiwi make this smoothie sweet and provide you with an instant energy boost.

Will we see you at PRESSROOM this month, to pick up your favorite juice?