Tuesday Juiceday meets Holistik this March!

Tuesday Juiceday is around the corner again! We help our guests and the locals to stay healthy with our special juices. Every Tuesday you are free to come pick up your favorite fruits at our Tuesday Juiceday market and watch our bartenders blend them to a delicious juice, special for you.

This March, Tuesday Juiceday collaborates with lifestyle platform Holistik to provide our guests and locals with some of the most original, healthiest and tastiest juices you can get. Holistik is created by Evelyn and Karlijn in the summer of 2016, whose mission is to make the world a better place. This better place should be achieved, according to Karlijn en Evelyn, by discussing topics in an honest, enriching and personal way. Together with their team of contributors, content is created focused on nutrition, health, love and travelling; to motivate and inform their platform!

Holistik has specially designed 4 juices for you to try out. Every juice has their secret superpower, to make your Tuesday the best day of the week!

Is it time for a big clean of your blood vessels? Go for this tasty omega 3-juice! A green juice with Biotona superfoods, apple, bananas, kiwi and cucumber.

Personal favorite of Karlijn!
No need for a coffee anymore! This daring juice is more energizing than any other beverage tried before, perfect for a busy Tuesday. The juice is filled with special ingredients which you probably have never tried before, such as: sweet potato, flaxseedoil and camu-camu powder! This juice is full of vitamin A, C & E.

The personal favorite of Evelyn!
When experiencing an overload of stress, a shortage of Magnesium is quickly reached. This creamy juice will take away all the stress that is present in your body.
The bananas and a pinch of matcha and acai powder are loaded with magnesium, to help you be stress-proof and to improve your mood! That’s what we like to achieve with this juice!

Vitamin booster 2.0! This exciting juice is full of vitamins and oxidants, to help you recover from a heavy weekend. And it even tastes like a dessert. The blueberries are full of antioxidants, avocado cleans your skin and the matcha powder protects the skin of UV-light. You can even keep the pits of the grapes in the juice, they appear to be just as healthy as the grape itself! Have you ever tried chipseeds before? These little vitamins bombs are the star of this juice!