#Meettheinkies – Valerie

In this series we give an insight in the faces behind INK Hotel Amsterdam. All INKredible individuals, who make us as unique as we are. This month we give Valerie, our Shiftleader at Front Office, a spot in the spotlight.

They say you make the best memories with the guests – how do you do it?

I am just being 100% Valerie, no act or tricks. Being happy and making jokes with guests always works! I see it as a challenge when a grumpy guests checks in, to make him leave to his room happy and content. I find myself a very positive person and like to have all the people around me to be positive as well, life is too short to be negative!

Nice statement! What was your funniest joke at INK?

During a team-building workshop I told my colleague that on our signature dish (INK salad) which we were eating ,they top off the salad with grilled worms. She already took a bite and was so scared of actually having worms in her mouth! In the end I comforted here by telling the truth: it is just puffed rice, we laughed about it for a very long time. She really believed that there were worms on the salad.

Imagine you are on Instagram – how would you hashtag your work picture?

#gotheextramile  #havingfunwithguests #hospitality

#gotheextramile, that sounds interesting. What is your most unique story at INK so far?

Once I was whistling my favourite song from ‘Kill Bill’ (famous movie) at the reception, and the guest which I was checking in said: ‘I really like this song, where is it from? I recognize this song!’

So I made a joke; if he guessed the song right I was whistling,  he would get an upgrade. He was a platinum member (Accorhotels loyalty program: LeclubAccor), which means he would already get a free upgrade, but it was funny to entertain the guest!

After a few times guessing and giving hints he finally guessed it: ‘it’s from Kill Bill!’ He ‘got’ the upgrade to one of our amazing executive suites, his stay at INK Hotel Amsterdam started off great!

SUGGESTION-TIME, what is the first thing you should try at INK?

Go to room 123 (only if this is YOUR room of course), fill the bath tub with steaming hot water, turn your TV facing the bath (yes this is possible!), turn on a cheesy movie, take a beer, order a delicious club sandwich from our room service menu and RELAX. This is a recipe for success!

It’s the end of your shift – with which cocktail would you celebrate the start of the weekend?

Wow, that’s difficult to choose! I would go for ‘The Last Warrior’. I am full of passion and fire, The Last Warrior gets served at PRESSROOM on fire, do you see the resemblance?

Thanks Valerie! Let's keep creating amazing memories with guests!