#INKredible recipe – our signature INK salad

Our famous INK salad, who hasn’t heard about it yet? If you haven’t, be amazed by a tasty, colourful and healthy dish made by Tjitze.

‘My favorite dish is the INK salad because it is a fresh salad with all the flavors: sweet, sour, fresh and a crispiness! The base consists of a fresh quinoa salad with several types of sweet & sour vegetables, perfect for a lunch or dinner!’

INGREDIENTS (for 4 portions)

for sweet-sour vegetables

◾ 50 ml vinegar

◾50 ml white wine

◾50 gram sugar

◾1 lemon zest

◾1 lime zest

◾1/2 red pepper

◾1 garlic

◾1 Laos carrot

◾ 1 sjalot

◾1 peeled ginger

◾1 lime leave

◾thin slices of your favourite veggies, such as carrot, beetroot, daikon, parsnip, cucumber etc.

for INK salad

◾Quinoa (prepared)

◾Mixed salad

◾Puffed rice

◾Colorful eatable flowers

◾3 gram honey

◾3 gram vinegar

◾3 gram white wine vinegar

◾1 teaspoon mustard

◾18 gram sunflower oil

◾pepper & salt



of sweet-sour vegetables

1.Heat a pan on low to medium low fire, and add the wine, vinegar and sugar. Stir till the sugar is vanished in the mixture.

2.Add all your remaining ingredients and turn off fire off.

3.Wait till the mixture is cooled down and add the vegetables.

4.Let your vegetables soak for a minimum time of  2 hours.


of INK salad

1.Make our signature PRESSROOM vinaigrette by mixing the sunflower oil, honey, vinegar and mustard together till a creamy mixture.

2.Mix the mixed salad, quinoa and the PRESSROOM vinaigrette with each other, and divide over 4 plates

3.Divide the sweet-sour vegetables over the 4 plates and garnish with eatable flowers and puffed rice.

4.Garnish the salad with salt & pepper, upon taste.


‘Don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful creation that you just prepared!’ – Tjitze van Dam