# Meettheinkies – Jaros

In this edition of #Meet the INKies we had the pleasure of interviewing Jaros, our head bartender.

Describe in three hashtags your INK-redible talents!

# Creativity

# Energy

# Elementofsurprise

How long do you work now at INK?  I have been working at INK from the beginning, which will be over 2 years now.


Which INK cocktail would match the best with your personality? Why?  I would go for a bittersweet cocktail Mexican standoff. I am generally calm and reserved, but once you get to know me you will discover that my temper comes out at times. That is why the combination of Calle 23 with sweet strawberry Campari can strongly relate to my personality.


What hotspots in Amsterdam would you recommend to your friends?  I would suggest the area of the Westerpark, where I currently live. It is located on the outskirts and people underestimate what it has to offer. It is a perfect combination of a place away from the center, but at the same time lively with a lot of music, local restaurants and bars.

What is the thing that excites you the most about working at INK?  The most exciting part for me is the creative aspect! Even though there is a set menu card, I always like to add my own twist to every drink I serve. I also like the process of ‘reading the guest’s mind’. By asking a few questions, I can figure out what would be their perfect cocktail, and it is exciting for me to see whether I was right 😉

I have previously worked for five star hotels, and what really caught my attention about INK was the fact that it was a lot more approachable and energetic, what went hand in hand with my personality.

What do you do first when you arrive at work? Firstly, I say hello to all my colleagues, see how they are doing. Afterwards, I always need my strong sugar-free espresso to get me set for the rest of the day. Then I proceed with preparing the bar for the evening!

What is your guilty pleasure? After work drinks! Haha

That is very understandable. So how would you describe your perfect night out? I am very much into good quality food; I also like discovering new places. A perfect evening would definitely involve taking my girlfriend to a restaurant we have not been before, and then probably going to a cocktail bar.