In this edition of #Meet the INKies we had the pleasure of interviewing Anna, our Chef de Partie.

What was your reason to move to Amsterdam?
I am originally from Cracow, Poland. My husband and I always wanted to go on a year trip through Europe together as we love to discover new countries and cultures. Our plan was to visit four countries and work for 3 months in each country. The first country we visited was The Netherlands, which we love so much that we decided to put our trip on hold. In fact, our initial 3-month adventure already expanded to almost 3 years! J

Your husband is a chef as well, so who prepares dinner at home?
As we live together for 3 years, we equally divide the cooking whenever we eat together. But, I am the lucky one at home because I get to do the baking! Making desserts really is my biggest passion and favorite part of cooking. I think that all the desserts I create have a piece of my heart inside.

Yes, tell us more about the dessert you created for the current menu!
Although I would never say this about myself, my friends already used to call me the Cheescake Queen, they say it’s the best one they ever had. So I do feel very proud that my cheesecake got included in the current menu and also receives a lot of compliments from guests. One guest even described it as ‘sensational’. That was a huge compliment!

Which childhood dish best represents the time and place of your youth?
It is difficult to choose one, as my mum and my grandmother were the best cooks ever. If I have to choose one dish, I would obviously go for a sweet dish: dumplings stuffed with sweet cherries. This dish is so special to me, because it needs fresh cherries, which are only available in a short period of the year. I can still remember the huge cherry tree in our garden…

What is your perfect way to spend your free time?
I enjoy exploring, doesn’t matter if it is new place, new food or new things to see. If I have free time, I am spending it on exploring, sometimes cooking new things, travelling and always trying to see, taste, and smell something new together with my future husband!

Whenever you’re not outside exploring, what is your favourite place in PRESSROOM?
My favourite place in the restaurant is our Chef’s Table. A table for groups of 10 right next to our open kitchen. I think it is really interesting for guests that they can observe from that close what is going on in the kitchen. Very often, people come to say that we did great job, they enjoyed the food and sometimes even ask for recipes. Also for us in the kitchen, it’s super entertaining and fulfilling to be able to see and interact with our guests. To see somebody enjoy the dish you prepared is the best feeling!