#Meettheinkies – Luca

In this series we give an insight in the faces behind INK Hotel Amsterdam. All INKredible individuals, who make us as unique as we are. The always happy Luca is the lucky one to chatter away about his passion for cooking & PRESSROOM in this chapter

It was difficult to catch you for this interview. You like to stay behind the scenes! Let’s start with a behind-to-scenes question then: what is your favorite book to read?

I really like to read fictive archaeology books. That doesn’t ring a bell? It’s like the Indiana Jones movies, but in a book.  If I would have to choose a specific theme, I would go for books about Toetanchamon. It’s like an Egyptian Indiana Jones!

How adventurous! If you have to be an adventurer yourself, what is your favorite outdoor-activity?

If I really HAVE to get out the house I would spend time with my girlfriend and family in Italy (Luca’s country of origin). I don’t mind what we would be doing, as long as I am with them. We could even go to the MacDonalds together, and still enjoy it! Normally we always go eating and drinking together, to end it with a nice calming walk.

Back to work! How long are you already making delicious plates at PRESSROOM?

Since the beginning of PRESSROOM, which is 2 years ago already. I started as a ‘commis’ in the kitchen (support of kitchen) then I moved up the ladder as a ‘demi-chef de partie’ and currently I am ‘chef de partie’.  I am really happy that I can grow within this company and that I can excel in what I do best!

‘Chef de Partie’ is quite a position, what is the first thing you do when you arrive at work? 

The very first thing? I clean my part of the kitchen. (when talking to colleagues, we discovered that Luca is known to have a slight obsession with keeping the kitchen spotless clean) and then I get ready to serve our beautiful dishes to our guests!

COCKTAIL-TIME, which PRESSROOM cocktail describes you the best?

This question is easy, I would go for the ‘Vieux Jordaan’ because it is described as ‘warm and deep’. I always try to be a warm person to others, by being happy and polite. To deep I can relate because I kind of notice how people feel, so if they are happy/sad/excited I try to react accordingly. Is that kind of deep?

It’s already the last question: tell us a unique story about PRESSROOM?

Oh this one is nice! When I started working at PRESSROOM, we still had to decorate the whole kitchen. I had no imagination of how beautiful our kitchen was going to be. I helped hanging all the copper pots above the ‘pas’ and to create our own herb garden in the kitchen. This really made my work nicer, quite unique right?

Thanks for sharing your story, Luca. Keep creating INK-redible dishes!