# Meettheinkies – Sanne

In this edition of #Meet the INKies we had the pleasure of interviewing Sanne, our Reservations & Events Supervisor.

Describe in three hashtags your INK-redible talents!
#alwayssmiling #focus #you’rewelcome

#alwayssmiling? Tell us more!
My nickname is smiley face. For me, not a day goes by without laughing. Also in my job, as Supervisor of the Reservations & Events Department, it’s important that I’m always friendly, welcoming and smiling. I guess that’s why I like my job that much, it’s in my character to always be friendly. I’m in close contact daily with guests on the phone, via email and face to face. So not only face to face, but also over the phone or email, I’m #alwayssmiling

What is your most favourite activity at work? And why? Haha! That is a difficult question, because days at INK are never the same! The variety is exactly what makes my work fun. I’m in contact with a wide variety of people daily. People from all over the world, all with their own interesting, touching, surprising and fun story. With some guests, I am in daily contact for weeks, so I truly get to know their character, preferences and stories. The best part of my job is to customize their stay, meeting or dinner to these preferences and their character. My ultimate goal?  To also make my guests #alwayssmiling during their time in INK!

Which PRESSROOM cocktail describes you best?
Recently, I joined the cocktail tasting of the new menu that will soon launch. It’s going to be such a great menu, but can’t say too much about it yet 😉
For sure, my ultimate cocktail on the menu is: A BRONX TALE! The flavours of these cocktails are; spicy, citrus, sweet & sour. These flavours say something about my personality. Most of the time I am a very gentle and sweet person and always with a smile on my face but sometimes my spicy (powerful) personality shows. I can be very strict and powerful, but only when necessary of course! Do I recognize my personality to be sour sometimes? No not at all. Hopefully my colleagues will say the same.

What is your most memorable moment since you work at INK?
Haha well there were many moments in INK that made my job memorable. Firstly, before I started with my new job at INK, I received a postcard from my new colleagues with lots of  nice messages. Although I didn’t meet any of them yet, I felt extremely welcome and at home right away.
Secondly, laughs with my colleagues in the office are always memorable. Like I said, not a day goes by without laughing. We work with a rather small reservations team of 3 persons, so we know each other very well and get along perfectly. We are always laughing, playing music and if we want to discuss something with each other we shut the door.

What is your favourite place in the hotel?
My favourite place is on the 2nd floor, in the corridor. Here you can look down at the reception through the window. When you look through this window you can see our slogan: ‘Where stories are yet to be written’. Especially in the evening, when there the spotlights are on. Then it is atmospheric and gives you a wow effect.

What is the perfect way to spend your free time?
Well the perfect way to spend my free time is to visit my family and friends in Steenwijk. Steenwijk is the place where I was born and raised. I live in Amsterdam now, but I always find it very nice to go back to Steenwijk. With good weather, I prefer to be on the water, be with friends and talk about everything in life. Another way to spend my free time is to discover new restaurants in the city.